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Nordic Seal develops, manufactures and markets compression packings and sealing solutions for all types of industries. Our offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Larvik, Norway, and we supply products worldwide.

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The company was founded in 1993, and Nordic Seal is the only manufacturer in Northern Europe in its product category.


Unique packing and sealing solutions

Working closely with our clients, we design and construct our own custom-designed sealing solutions. We have patented several of our unique seals, and are the only manufacturer globally of dynamic, pressurized sealing solutions. We also stock a wide range of standard products.


High quality

Nordic Seal focuses on quality and high standards in production and delivery. We are ISO-certified, and all our products comply with EU regulations and are qualified in Achilles JQS.

As we manufacture and stock our products ourselves and have a network of skilled distributors, we are able to offer quick response times for delivery worldwide.


Nordic Seal